This is What LoanBeam Does For Mortgage Lenders

Automates Income Calculations

Manually calculating the income of a residential mortgage applicant is error prone and introduces credit risk. Today’s regulatory landscape requires technology that minimizes calculation variances and errors. LoanBeam’s automation helps to minimize fraud and more successfully identify credit quality.

Drives standardization

In order to compete in today’s increasingly complex mortgage industry you need technology solutions that support dependable, repeatable processes. LoanBeam standardizes income calculations so three people with different skill sets and credit policy interpretations arrive at the same income number.

Streamlines workflow

Required documents like K-1s and tax returns are often received piecemeal and late in the process. LoanBeam identifies K-1s still needed from the borrower. When provided, LoanBeam uses the K-1 ownership percentage to determine if the related business returns are required to calculate income.

What Customers Are Saying About LoanBeam

  • LoanBeam has taken the mystery out of analyzing tax returns and has established a standardized platform. Our Origination and Underwriting teams have embraced its value to enhance both customer experience and loan quality.

    John Holland Envoy Mortgage
  • LoanBeam was simple to implement, quick to learn and had an immediate impact. We saw jumps in productivity and quality. Both underwriters and the branches were extremely excited about the tool – it has lived up to all expectations. Branches LOVE running the tax returns as they get them, because of the peace of mind it creates.

    Bobby Welch Branch Management Mastermind
  • One of the challenges in today’s mortgage operations world is to create simple efficiency with cost containment and LoanBeam helps with both. It’s easy to use and it’s certainly more efficient than having an employee shuffling though multiple tax returns, investing considerable time, attempting to figure out income calculations. It’s an awesome tool!

    Paul Diamond Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation
  • I scanned a 951 page tax package into LoanBeam for a client of ours that has 12 businesses. LoanBeam automatically calculated the qualifying income saving me a whole day. This program is awesome!

    Jewel Schmitt Waterstone Mortgage